The French transliteration. In particular, a certain action specification techniques, and aesthetic requirements of the European classical forms; or refers to the human body movement,p90 order gesture representation of dramatic content to promote the development of the plot, and the performance of a certain emotion, mood, mental state and behavior of the dance form. The former is sometimes translated as "ballet". Originated from the ancient Latin Ballet Ballo, intended for the public to jump to certain style dance theatre performances, no meaning. Ballet as astage art form, beginning in the Renaissance Italy Court grand banquetentertainment activities. Then from this dance form - the Medici Florence Princess Catherine will be brought into the French court.1581 years, the French court ballet "show first the Queen 's comedy ballet" caused great repercussions in the European Court, countries have to follow, and the ballet as a model for the gong tingyu music, after the 1661 French King Louis XIV founded the Royal Academy of dance in Paris, and was authorized in 1669 set up in Paris Opera House, since the end of the "golden age" court ballet ". p90 price After entering the Theatre Ballet, has experienced "Comedy Ballet", "ballet and singing" stage.

The middle of the eighteenth century, "plot dance" and the related theory more and more perfect, the ballet changed completely dependent on drama and opera, just inserted dance position in the interlude, developed for use in dance and music and promote the development of the story, with a solemn social significance of theatre art form. Another golden age history of ballet is thebeginning of the nineteenth century, had a great breakthrough in the aspects ofcontent and subject matter, skills and acting and performing form etc. Toe dance skills have gradually become the main means performing actress, and accumulated a set of system, scientific training method. Influenced byromanticism,p90 online the development of European countries ballet performance paymore attention to the national spirit and temperament, ballet school formed theItaly school, the French school, Russian school and Danish School of differentstyles.

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